Lead Pastors

Bishop Danny & Sonjia Murray

  • Lead Pastors For 39 years.
  • Ordained Bishop in the Church of God.
  • Enjoys Alabama Football, ROLL TIDE!

Contact Info:

Phone # (205) 310-2368

Email: danmurray.1026@gmail.com

Associate Pastors

Jake & Miracle SanSoucie

  • Moved here from Missouri in October 2016
  • Ordained Bishop in the Church of God.
  • Graduated Lee University, Cum Laude, May 5th 2018. B.S. in Ministry Leadership.

Contact Info:

Phone # (417) 766-2896

Email: bishopjsansoucie@gmail.com

Pastor's Council

Jeff Keeton, Jarrod Brewer, Ray Hannah, William Ratliff

Alternate: Robert Peters

Men's Fellowship Board

President: Ray Hannah. Vice President: Jeff Keeton. Secretary: Tommy Ratliff


Women's Ministry Board:

President: Stephanie Martin. Vice President: Becky Snow. Secretary: Carol Ratliff